July 19, 2016

Councillor Lorelei Nicoll announced today that she is reoffering to represent District 4, Cole Harbour Westphal, in the October 16, 2016, Municipal Election.

Nicoll has served on Regional Council since 2008, was Deputy Mayor in 2014/15, and is the current Chair of Harbour East Marine Drive Community Council.

“Great accomplishments happen by engaging with one another and working together” says Councillor Nicoll.

This cooperative approach has brought positive results, she says, including:

- Construction of a regional all-weather turf in Cole Harbour Westphal.
- Approval of the Cole Harbour Basin Open Space Plan and preservation of parkland at the former Halifax County Rehab Hospital site on Bissett Road.
- Repatriation of the former Cherry Brook School to the communities of Lake Loon and Cherry Brook
- Trail development and connectivity throughout the district;
- Strengthened sense of community among Cole Harbour, Westphal, Lake Loon and Cherry Brook.
- Implementation of a Participatory Budgeting process for District 4 which resulted in the capital funding of four community projects.

The next four years will see a number of important items brought forward for the region and the district, such as the concept design review of the Forest Hills Parkway and Caldwell Road, and the Regional Plan Secondary Planning Process for Cole Harbour Road, Cole Harbour and Main Street, Westphal. These projects will ensure that District 4 continues to grow in a well-planned and sustainable way. 

“It is an honour representing the communities of Cole Harbour, Westphal, Lake Loon and Cherry Brook, and it would be a privilege to continue working with the residents of District 4 for another term.”

Please visit for more information on Lorelei’s campaign.

Lorelei Nicoll
Councillor District 4, Cole Harbour Westphal

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Councillor Lorelei Nicoll