Walkers Livestock Feed and Supplies, 1397 Cole Harbour Rd.

A strong community identity is key to developing community pride. I will continue to work closely with community organizations to help foster community pride through initiatives and projects.
  • Worked closely with the communities of Lake Loon, Cherry Brook, Westphal and Cole Harbour to have acknowledgment during the 2008 District 4 boundary review to be recognized as ‘one district’.
  • Worked with HRM Civic Addressing to recognize Lake Loon and Cherry Brook as two communities in HRM. I continue to collaborate with HRM Civic Addressing as it works to identify the boundaries of Westphal and Cole Harbour.  
  • Support the Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Society as it continues to preserve the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm and adjacent wetlands, the Cole Harbour Meeting House, and the Barbara Bell property.
  • Founder and on the planning committee for the Cole Harbour Harvest Festival, now in its 9th year as a family-oriented, free event for the community.  Prior to representing District 4, I felt it was important to come together annually at a central location (Cole Harbour Place) to celebrate the community we are today while acknowledging the early settlers who farmed the land we now live on and call home.
  •  Board Member of Cole Harbour Place since 2005. My priority is to make Cole Harbour Place more accessible and affordable for the community.

Since first elected in 2008, I have focused on increased accountability and transparency of Halifax Regional Council while keeping municipal taxes in check.
  • Voted in favour of downsizing council in 2011, which saw the number of council districts decreased from 23 to 16.
  • Supported the establishment of Standing Committees of Council which provides areas of focus for the Halifax Regional Council such as Audit and Finance, Community Planning and Economic Development, Environment and Sustainability, Appeals and Transportation.
  • Served as Deputy Mayor from 2014-2015, a position which gave me insight into the internal processes and operations within HRM, and helped improve my ability to build strong relationships with communities, private sector, and other orders of Government. Additionally, I was able to serve as an advocate for Halifax Regional Municipality to be recognized as a hub provincially, regionally and globally.
  •  Actively work with the Provincial and Federal orders of government to resolve matters of importance to residents.
  • Supporter and Guest speaker at the NS Status of Women ‘Campaign School for Women’ which aims to increase women’s participation in politics.
  • Motioned to consolidate Regional Council policies as Administrative Orders.
  •  Attend other standing committee meetings of Council on a regular basis.

Bike ride with Mayor Mike Savage - Metro Halifax 

Cole Harbour is defined in large part by our natural environment. In our daily lives,  we all have a role to play to ensure our community remains clean, healthy, and functioning. After all, we want to enjoy our landscapes, water, and air for generations to come.  Innovation in how we protect and enhance our environment will create future opportunities for social, environmental and economic decision making.
  • Early in my term with Council, I championed the need for improved data collection to understand where transit needs to grow and be improved upon.  This is now being implemented with fare box and Automated Vehicle Location technology to improve our transit system quality and effectiveness.  
  • Support the continued implementation of HRM’s waste diversion strategy.
  • Work closely with HRM and jointly with Halifax Water on the Stormwater Management Plan.
  • Continue to push to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.   
  •  Member of the Environment & Sustainability Standing Committee since 2010.

Active Transportation and Trails

Economic Development

Board Member of the Halifax Partnership since 2010.  

Our trails and roadways help to connect residents of all ages and abilities to neighbourhoods and communities within our District and to other parts of the municipality. There is great potential to improve on these connections and to promote the convenient use of alternative modes of transportation, which we know has great benefits for both people and the environment. I look forward to realizing this vision through the development of the Integrated Mobility Plan.  
  • Chaired the Steering Committee for the Cole Harbour Basin Open Space Plan with the goal to create a multi-functional, sustainable open space system to support the recreation, leisure, and transportation needs of the community, while simultaneously fostering community and economic sustainability. Draft plan completed and approved by Regional Council in October 2013.
  • Joined the Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association in 2005.
  • Envisioned and used District 4 Capital funds for the Bissett Lake Park Trail Bridge, to connect residents to the natural spaces of the Cole Harbour Heritage Park and Salt Marsh Trail Network. This trail bridge connection was the catalyst to have Trans Canada Trails include the Cole Harbour trails in its overall network.
  • Initiated design improvements to increase accessibility for all ages and abilities from Cole Harbour Place to the Cole Harbour Commons.
  • Successful repatriation of the former Cherry Brook School to the communities of Lake Loon and Cherry Brook. I continue to work with the Provincial and Federal government to see the community’s plan realized.
  • Gained Council approval for the preservation of park land at the old rehabilitation land on Bissett Road for future public enjoyment and further trail connections.
  • Actively working towards creating Complete Streets, most recently through the approval of a Traffic Calming Policy which will see the implementation of speed humps, raised crosswalks, and a reduction of posted speed limits to 45 kilometers per hour. Additionally, I will be working with HRM on the Forest Hills Parkway and Caldwell Road Design Concept, which involves reassessing whether these arterial roads are functioning as they should in meeting today’s needs and implementing the criteria of ‘complete streets’.  
  •  Passed a motion and awaiting a staff report on creating a wayfinding policy for the Municipality, with the goal to develop consistency across the municipality, and to improve connectivity and tourism.  
  • Continue to advocate for the extension of  Mount Hope Avenue to Caldwell Road and ensure it includes an active transportation component.


Community Identity


I believe in building strong relationships and creating opportunities for businesses and people to succeed within a diverse, vibrant, and sustainable community. As a champion of economic development, I regularly meet and make connections to those who wish to do business in the Halifax Regional Municipality, especially towards opportunities in supply chain logistics and technology.
  • Initiated the participatory budgeting process in District 4, which provided capital funds to volunteers and not-for-profits in District 4. District 4 is one of three districts in Halifax Regional Municipality to have engaged in the Participatory Budgeting process.
  • Board Member of Destination Halifax since 2012.
  •  Member of the Community Design Advisory Committee for 3 years, where I had an active role in reviewing the Regional Plan (RP+5).
  • Member of the Community Planning and Economic Development Standing Committee since 2010. Held the position of Chair from 2010-2014, currently Vice-Chair.
  •  Board Member of the Halifax Partnership since 2010.  
  • Met with Ray Ivany and provided input to the Now or Never Report.  
  • Initiated and support the Association for Business in Cole Harbour (now the Cole Harbour and Area Business Association) to engage local businesses in Cole Harbour – Westphal and to raise awareness in support of buying local.
  •  While serving as HRM Deputy Mayor, represented the municipality on a trade mission to Scotland and England.
  • Seek better alignment between the Province and HRM with respect to economic development policies and outcomes. 
  • Support arts and culture as it plays a key role in economic development.     
  • Created a working group to facilitate a conversation between the Construction Association of NS and HRM/Halifax Water to form a better understanding of doing business in the municipality.

Earth Day 2016 in Cole Harbour. 


A year in review: My year as Deputy Mayor.

I believe in investing in the talent and ambition of our young people and creating mutually beneficial intergenerational learning opportunities.
  • I engage with members of the Cole Harbour Youth Network to increase youth support services and activities in District 4.
  •  New recreational infrastructure such as the new regulation size all-weather turf, and BJ Higgins ballfield upgrades next year.
  •  As a Halifax Partnership Board member, I advocate the importance of youth retention as a priority for our municipality and province.
  • Avid supporter of Fusion Halifax, a non-profit organization that connects, engages and inspires young professionals.  
  •  Encourage youth to get involved in the community through volunteerism and help youth make connections to further their careers.
  • Work closely with HRM Parks & Recreation on the continual upgrades to various playgrounds in District 4.

Regular public speaker and mentor to youth in HRM.

Council Governance

Councillor Lorelei Nicoll